Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Me an' Rascal had to stay inside a'cuz some scary mens were bangin' an' bangin' on our roof!

I didn't like it. I didn't like stayin' inside an' I didn't like all the bangin!!!

Mom said they were puttin' on a new roof an' there was too much 'quipment in the yard an' too much stuff fallin' off the roof. So we couldn't go out. Ya can see all about it at Mom's bloggie, here.

I wish they would go away.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh that sounds noisy. I don't like it when things get so noisy!

Renee said...

Poor Catzee!

I know it must be aweful for you. When I got my dog Misty the very first day I left her by herself they came and replaced the roof on our house. Poor Misty, she didn't like that at all and she tried to eat up our blinds to tell them to go away. I had forgotten that the men were coming...oops!

Luckily the men got the work all done really fast and they didn't have to come back at all. I hope your roof is finished too.

William said...

Poor kidlet!

Dorothy said...

Dear Catzee, Phoebe and Annie say you just got to trust your people 'cos it's their job to make your home safe and keep the wind and rain out. When the noise stops and the men go away then you can inspect everything and see for yourself it's done properly (this last advice from Phoebe, Top Cat and Senior Home Inspector).

Dorothy said...

Annie wants to know haven't you got a cupboard your can hide in? Under the bed is good too.

Jack and Persephone said...

Poor Catzee! I don't like all the noise either! I hide in the back of mommy's cupboard when the Hallway Monster comes out and whines in the hallway outside our apartment, or humans outside bang too much like they did today. (Those crazy people across the road TOOK DOWN THEIR FENCE!!! Where are the outside kitties gonna hide now when the vishus deers come running through our streets like they did a couple nights ago?!?!?)

That's a mighty pout though! I bet THAT told your mom!!!


Kate said...

Your cat tree looks so amazing. I like to try hoping from level to level... I wish to have one of that on my rabbit hutch or better yet I just hope my human build me a hutch with three levels. That would be so much fun.