Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Weeks With No News

Catzee's been missing for three weeks now and there is nothing new to report. We did find one poster still up at a restaurant, but the other places have different stories as to why the posters were taken down, so there are no real clues about her. I figured that there is no sense posting the same thing every couple of days, so I've been silent. It's at the point where I've already done all the suggestions I'm getting in the comments, and more. And with respect, the "the only safe cat is an indoor cat" comments are in extremely poor taste at such a time as this.

One tip from one of the vet's I gave a poster to - if you know your pet's microchip number, include it on the poster.

I know that miracles do take place, but my soul seems to let go a little more with each passing day. I cannot allow myself to think the worst, it's better to accept life as it is. There are no guarantees in life, only opportunities to use our time wisely and to the best of our ability; to be able to look back without regrets at the decisions we make.

For my part, I do not regret that Catzee was allowed to go out. It gave her the opportunity to fulfill the purpose for which cats were created. She found her place functioning as part of our family team; she was proving to be an excellent mouser. It was hard to keep her imprisoned in that apartment those three years. My heart will forever treasure one of her first days out, when she realized Dan and I were standing at the other end of the yard watching her. I will forever remember how she leaped and bounded to reach us, and how she purred and and purred rubbed against our legs. I cannot tell you the joy it gave me to see her so happy.

We still pray that she will come home. Everywhere we go we continue to look for her, hoping to catch a glimpse of a small tortie somewhere, someplace, hoping that we can bring her home.

Unless she returns there will be no more posts on this blog. Please know that I very much appreciate your kind words, prayers, and good thoughts.

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