Saturday, June 02, 2007


Firs' of all, did efurry kitty see my limerick at Karen Jo's bloggy??? Her writed me a limerick and I am furry proud of it.

Next, Victor Tabbycat tagged me fur true confessions! We're spposed to confess all the naughty kitty stuff we do but Mom says we don't haf enuf time fur all the naughty stuff I do so this is it:

1. I like to spill water an' get it all offur the floor.
2. I jump on the table when nobody's lookin.' I'm not spposed to do that but I'm just lookin' fur kitty treats. Or plates to lick. Or bowls.
3. I jump on Rascal's head effurry time he comes in from the balcony.
4. I try to sneak on onto the balcony.
5. I try to jump off the balcony.
6. I try to sneak out effurry time the front door opens.
7. I claw at the screens tryin' to figgur out how to get outside. Our screens haf kitty claw marks on 'em.
8. I scratch all the door frames an' now they have kitty claw scratches all over 'em
9. I fling kitty litter out of the kitty box. An' poop. But only sometimes. Maybe once a day. The poop I mean. I fling the litter out all the time.
10. I love to tear paper. I put my front paws on it and grab it wif my teef an' pull. Mom finks I'm part rabbit.
11. I love to bite Mom's yarn. Sometimes I bitey it in two! An' her fusses when her yarns wet.
12. I pull stuff off Mom's bulletin board wif my teef.
13. I tear aroun' the house when effurrybodys tryin' to sleep.
14. I steal socks when Mom's tryin' to fold laundry
15. ......... huh? What? But I gots more to tell. Ok Mom. Sorry.

Mom says thats enuf.


Chairman Mao said...

Zee, you sound a lot like me with your habits, hehehe! I like to fling litter outta the box, and sometimes I like playin' poop hockey. And paper's fun, too!

I liked readin' your confesshuns!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Renee said...

My friend Rose had one of those lids on the litterbox (made it look like a cat carrier) to keep the litter in there...I wonder if that might help, cuz I don't think you do that on purpose...right?

And I noticed that your mom has a squirty water bottle that she could use to help with the scratching & trying to escape.

She loves you very much though and will put up with lots and lots...but you should probably stop testing to see how much.

Rose's mommy doesn't get to crochet now cuz Rose likes to chase her yarn...she thinks it's all for her. Good thing I didn't take my knitting over there when we visited.

caricature said...

oh u r so naughty zee. i was so loving it - mom should've let u finish :)

Daisy said...

Catzee, you are a sweet little devil!

Karen Jo said...

You had a lot to confess, Catzee. That's just because you are a little kitty full of tortitude. I'm glad you like your limerick. Thanks for the link.

Tina T-P said...

Congrats on you limerick CatZee! Reading your confessions, I think your momma should have named you Rascal-too :-) T.

Caesar and Princess said...

I like to fling litter and tear up paper too.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Those is grate confeshuns, Catzee! I's curious what you left out! Yur a naughty youngster, but you's a cat! Yur doin all the fings you's aposed to do. Purrs!

Anonymous said...

Catzee those are great confessions.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

you sound like lotsa fun to us. 'cept fur the jumpin' off the balcony part - maybe ya better stop doin' that one.

The Crew said...

Catzee, don't let anyone stifle your creativity by not allowing you to do your water art. You could be creating a masterpiece!