Sunday, October 29, 2006


Catzee's Mom again:

Thanks so much to everyone for your comments and suggestions. They are so helpful. The Cat Blogosphere is such a wonderful community. I will try a harness, whether a kitty one or a ferret one, plus a retractable leash. I'm sure Catzee's tortietude will put up a fuss when we first try the harness, but I suspect that once she realizes it allows her to go outside she won't mind it a bit. We have a nice wooded area between apartment buildings which would be perfect for walks. I'll get pictures and keep everyone updated! :)


The Tower Hill Mob said...

Good idea, especially the photo update part!
Mum told Grandma about CatZee taking the yarn through the kitty door right outside. Grandma thought that was the naughtiest trick sh'e ever heard of! Tortitude to the nth degree.

Emma's Kat said...

So glad Catzee is okay! I'm sure that it scared you all! My Danny Boy used to take walks on a leash and he loved it! We started him right at about 4 months and he did well very quickly. I wish I'd gotten a harness with him as now thinking back, if he'd spooked and pulled hard enough he might have been able to get out of his collar. With a harness he wouldn't have been able to. I remember all my apartment neighbors said they'd now seen it all, "a cat on a leash!". Good luck w/Catzee! Can't wait to see updates on this!

Derby said...

Oh my, I just read all of Catzee's adventure of the past days. I am glad she is OK.

I don't care for a harness, but I have my collapsable porch that mum can put me in outside. So I do get to go outside now and then. But not very often.

Renee said...

Not sure how much you want to spend on this, but I know that they make stuff to child-proof railings that you could put up to keep Catzee from getting off the balcony again. My friends had some that was clear plastic sheets that you tided to the railings with zip ties. If you're not too worried with how it looks you could also get that plastic fence stuff.
I couldn't tell from your pictures for sure, but it looks like you might have to "fence in" the part over the railing too. Good luck!

Merlin said...

Hi Catzee's Mom.

My Mom says that if you would like it, she will mail you the harness we have cause it's way too small for me.

You can email me at merlinsmeows at gmail dot com with Catzee's address and we'll mail it to you tomorrow!

DEBRA said...

You may also want to consider a stroller for both kitties!


nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

wow! made us weak in the knees to read about catzee doin' a runner. that's some scary stuff. SO glad she's OK!!!

we read somewhere that if you put a harness on a kitty, you should turn it upside down and clip the leash on what would ordinarily be the underbelly part so that they couldn't slip outta it. can't recollect if that was for ALL harnesses or just only a certain kind. you could experiment & see if that seemed more secure. we wouldn't want anything more to happen to our catzee!!


Paw Path Cats said...

Whew! So glad Catzee was ok. Leo and Bambi used to get walks in harnesses and did pretty well with them. Now we've moved and our house is surrounded by open lawns and no trees (which freaks them out), so we built extra fences around our deck so they can be outside. It's hard when they really want to go outside, but I recently saw an adorable cat run over in the street (bless his little heart!) and it's really in their best interest to keep them protected! Good luck with the harness!

CB said...

Ahhh, Catzee... I can see just how "bad" you are! Please understand, your badness is greatly catpreciated ... after all, somecat has to do it! =) So don't worry.... you look *very* purty with that leash on!