Friday, October 20, 2006


Yesterday Mom wented into her bafroom an the floor was soakin wet. She figgured somekitty had been scootin the water dish around again, but when she looked, all she saw was this:

She was furry surprized a'cuz water was efurry where but the dish was gone. She looked in the tub, an behind the door, an behind the potty, but no water dish.

She wented into her bedroom an looked unner her bed, an unner the 'puter desk, an unner the dressers, an behind the doors, an even in the closet, but no water dish.

She wented into the hallway ta look for it, but no water dish.

She looked in the kitty room where she stores her yarns an stuff, but no water dish.

She looked in the livin room, but no water dish.

She even looked in the kitchen, but no water dish.

Then she called a meetin' wif the cats.

Rascal says he has proof he didn't do it.

I say what's efurry body lookin at me fur.

So Mom putted a new water dish in the bafroom.

But later she found this.....

........unner the desk in the College Kid's room.

I wunner how it gotted there??????


Merlin said...

Hee! Good job, Catzee! Always deny efurrything.

Not that you did it, or anything. ;)

one of the pierce kitties said...

plausible deniability, yeah -- that's the ticket! works in washington, why not in your house?! >;-)

KC said...

o, CatZee, i dunno how's it gotted theres, but i'm sure u didn't haf anyfing ta do wif it.

lotsa fings works in Washington that dont works nowheres else.

Derby said...

did it get there by majic?

Cecilia said...

He, he. That water dish has a mind (and feet?) of it's own.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

well isn't it obvious? the College Kid wuz thirsty! those College Kids don't care if they use glasses or plates or silverware - they'll use whateffur's handy when they's hungry or thirsty. yur momma should get the College Kid a cup fur future use.

Lil' One said...

Uhoh, it was klearly the fualt of rascal. I man, your just a wittle cat and couldnt carry the bowl all that ways. Yup. This has to be the work of Rascal tryin' to frame you.

Wm. said...

I think you have a shadow cat in your house! They're known for doing stuff like that.

Lux said...

I've heard of humans moving things with their minds alone ... I think *that's what happened! (Or else it was a poltergeist!)

Ariel said...

Perhaps a ghost did
Good work at denying everything Catzee that's what I do.

Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

You gots magical forces in your house what moves things

Hot(M)BC said...

Ohhhhh a mistery. Maybe you needs the house exercised?